Monday, April 23, 2012

The Magic of Oz...Bling Style

Did you ever wonder if the Tin Man got his heart, well I think all the Tin Man needs is a little bling and he can find that at Want2Scrap© as they have all the bling he will ever need and an Oil Can Album made of chipboard just like the one you see here.
Want2Scrap© and Graphic 45 are a perfect match when it comes to creating these amazing chipboard album, for this album I used The Magic of Oz paper collection, it was perfect for the oil can album. after all who doesn't just love The Wizard of Oz? On the front of the album I used the Funky Swirls Silver Rhinestones and the 72 count Black Pearls.
Here we have the Scarecrow, all he wanted was a brain when he went to see the Wizard, well I gave him some bling to brighten his day, what do you think?
Doesn't he look better walking through all of those poppy's with some bling?

Dorothy had the most amazing ruby slippers, I remember as a kid I wanted a pair just like her, I just added some Want2Scrap© Baby Red Rhinestones to give her slippers a little more sparkle. I also added some Nestabling™ Petite Scalloped Circle Silver Rhinestones and Nestabling™ Classic Diamonds. TIP: I used the Classic Diamond to outline like a frame on this page, you can do the same thing on your projects, it is quick and easy especially if you can't find just the right bling, create your own with Want2Scrap©.

See how the  Nestabling™ Petite Scalloped Circle Silver Rhinestones just perfectly fits around the ruby slippers.

The Tin Man and the Scarecrow...what a perfect friendship, one needed a heart and the other needed brains. For this page of the album I used some Nestaboard™ Fancy Tags Three and
Nestabling™ Fancy Tags Three Silver Rhinestones with a little airbrushing to my Waltzingmouse stamped sentiment. I added a Baby Red Rhinestones to the Tin Man's chest and some Swirls, Finesse Silver Rhinestones to finish the page.

Let's all follow the yellow brick road and sprinkle some bling along the way, for the center of the poppy's I used 72 count Amber Rhinestones and added some Swirls, Finesse Silver Rhinestones along the bottom of the page.

Just look how the 72 count Amber Rhinestones bring out the color of the poppy's.

Here we have the Cowardly Lion who wanted to be soooo brave and he was in his own kind of way. For this page I added 72 count Black Pearls to the center of the poppy's and Funky Swirls Silver Rhinestones  to finish the page.
I just love how the Want2Scrap© bling just brings all these pages to life, it is so easy to peal and stick, it adds just the right amount of detail.
I'll get you my pretty! I can still her the Wicked Witch of the West's voice from when I watched it as a kid. Did she scare you? Well I thought even the witch needed a little bling from time to time so I added some 
Nestabling™ Heart Circles Black Rhinestones, Nestabling™ Petite Scalloped Circles SM Black Rhinestones and 72 Count Silver Rhinestones. Some how adding some bling to the witch just doesn't make her look so scary anymore, don't you think? I know you are wondering just what type of adhesive I used to put all of this amazing Magic of Oz paper collection on this unique Oil Can Album, well I like to use Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry, so give it a try.
Well I hope you have enjoyed following me down the Yellow Brick Road, and blinging it up as we go, stay tuned next month for yet another creative journey with me.

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  1. Awesome! Love Terre Fry, and so inspired by her talent. :) Way to go girl! Xo

  2. these are absoutly amazing if i was half this good id be made up ur a true inspiration

  3. Wow Amazing job. love it all lots of work went into this.
    beautiful thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow, this is gorgeous, Terre. You can tell all the love you put into it.

  5. Absolutely stunning!! What a piece! This must be out on display Terre!

  6. wow Terre- awesome project!

  7. This is as unique as they come! Fabulous!

  8. I sooooo can't wait to see this in person. Just when I think you have outdone DO IT AGAIN!



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