Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vintage Western Sign with BLING!

One thing you ALREADY know, if you hang your hat around these parts on a fairly regular basis is...   EVERYTHING, and we DO mean, EVERYTHANG...  Looks BETTER with bling!

That's right, I said it. 


There's EVEN room for more bling, in the art of vintage looking western signage...

Want2Scrap® has SO many GORGEOUS accessories and patterns of bling that are sure to make the oldest, most grizzled COWPOKE fall in love with Want2Scrap®.  But in CASE you're a doubter, let me take you through a lil' tutorial.  On this ride, you'll learn  how I managed to SPARE the life of one, shabby little piece of ANCIENT barn wood, SAVE it from destruction in the firePLACE at my lil' old ranch, and then transform it to an object of LOVE and enjoyment, to hopefully live out its next 100 years...!

Simply print desired word/s/phrase to desired size and line up on wooden board.

Plan the layout of your sign.  In the plan, anticipate the use of Want2Scrap® bling.  For this design, I fell in love {ALL OVER, AGAIN!} with Classy Corners, by Nina B. {Well, WHO could blame me!}

Be sure to cut off excess paper, and then tape to the front of wooden board.   Trace all edges of printed letters, FIRMLY, with a hard gage pencil.  {I prefer to use a pencil over a stylus for this.} Press FIRM!

An impression will be made in the wood that can be covered and filled, directly, with acrylic paint. 

 It's pretty easy to look like an old hand, with this technique, and you're bound to impress the cowpokes in your crew...  {And WHAT a handsome gift this would make!  Eh?}

Yup.  Fellas...   A project so QUICK and easy, it might just MAKE me the Sheriff of BLING... 

 So,  if you're up for deputizin'...  {That's BECOMING a deputy of BLING, in case you missed it...}

Go MAKE a sign, BLING it onnnnnnnnnn, and SHARE it on our FACEBOOK page, if ya like!  

Or just GIVE it to YOUR favorite cowpoke!  Either way, there's only ONE more lil' thing I have to say...

{'Nuff said!}


Thanks for checking us out today!  Don't forget to breath in all the newness in the LOVELY Want2Scrap® store!  Hope you'll come back, real soon!

Want2Scrap® Supplies used:

Classy Corners - Class {By Nina Brackett}
Bling Stars - Clear Rhinestones
Multi Colored Bling
Blue Rose Ribbon - 1"

Cross Promotional Product:

Acrylic Paint - Eco Green Crafts


  1. Love it! Awesome sign. Yes, I love to bring everything as well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. SO clever the way you traced the letters. Lovin' the sign and YEE HAW to the BLING.

  3. Love your fabulous sign, Elise! The flower trim is wonderful.


    True :)



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