Monday, February 28, 2011

Spellbinders Dies, Want2Scrap Bling...all on an Altered Tin

Hi ya! I am blessed with 2 very active boys...which means I don't ofter get to do the "girly" thing but thank goodness I am also blessed with six nieces so every now and again I can. They are at the age where gift cards are the object of their desire for birthday gifts...I get that...they can buy what they want. I always feel the need to give them something that shows how much I love then along with the cash. I love making them little things. My niece Livi just had her birthday so I decided to make her an altered tin to keep her earrings in.

This jar is actually an empty hair manipulator container and is the perfect size to keep earrings and rings in it.

Don't you just love that vivid blue certainly is set off by the flower and matching ink. I love that Want2Scrap packages it with several sizes in every package.

I also made a little card to go with it. It was a great way to check out some of those new Spellbinders dies...don't you love this one.

Thanks so much for popping by!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thanks for being you

Hello everyone, this is my first post and I am so excited to share a cute card I have created using the Fleur De Lis rectangles from Spellbinders I had so much fun making this card, I wanted to make something with Spring in mind, I started with blue card stock for my card base, then covered with patterned papers, and I cut a piece of white glittered card stock, I added the glittered card stock on the front of card , added one sweet vintage image, some flowers, ribbon and buttons I also distressed the edges of the card and image.
I wanted to add more interest on the glittered card stock so I use my fingers to lift a little bit the edges of the scallops... Love the result! hope you enjoy my first project, I can't wait to share my next creations with you.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank You Spellbinders!

Two companies have come up with the brilliant idea of working together. Want2Scrap and Spellbinders are working together to create products that enhance both companies!

Spellbinders has treated the design team at Want2Scrap with a wide variety of their products and we just wanted to say "THANK YOU" for their generosity!

In the coming weeks you will see our team working with both companies products...a perfect match I would say!

Our team is growing again...

We have just added another brilliant artist to our team...I am sure many of you are already familiar with the talented Beatriz Jennings.

Welcome Beatriz!

Here is a little background on Beatriz...

I fell in love with scrapbooking when I was looking through a magazine and saw all of the beautiful things that you can do with paper. Right now I'm in love with card making and altered art. I have been scrapbooking for 4 years and I love to use ribbon, buttons, and flowers on most of my creations. I don't know how to describe my style, but some people say that is a little bit romantic, feminine, and even shabby. Some of my work has been published in magazines like Handmade (formerly Paper Trends), Scrapbook Trends, Cards, Paper Crafts, Scrapbook and Cards Today and Cardmaker magazine to list a few. I have also had projects published in idea books and had tutorials and projects published online on scrapbooking/papercrafting sites and some e zines.

I wanted to find out a few fun things about Beatriz so I asked her...

What is your favorite dessert?
I don't think I could choose only one, it can be ice cream, cake, or chocolate.

What is your proudest moment?
My kids being born :) and when I finished college

If you had $100 and could not spend it on scrappy stuff, bills, and only on yourself what would you buy with it? It could be a purse or some silver earrings or bracelet.

Look at some of these fabulous projects Beatriz has created!

So much eye candy...

Wouldn't it be fabulous to find this in your mailbox?

Beatriz will be back on Saturday with her first official post as part of the Want2Scrap Design Team!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank You...with bling

Hello.  I wanted to share a card I made using some of the most beautiful Want2Scrap pearl bling.  I seem to use these on almost every card I make.  I don't think a girl can ever have too much bling.  Do you?

I used the Pink Pearls 72 count from the store.  I like that this set has 3 different sizes in one pack.
 I think I am also addicted to stitching on all of my cards lately.  I think it just gives it that finished look.
I hope you like what I have for you today.  I will be back soon with something else to share.  Is there anything that you would like for me to go over or make a tutorial of?  I think that since you are the one looking here, that you are the best people to ask.  I am very open for suggestions.

Have a wonderful week!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pinch ME! I've got my BLING onnnnn!

Helloooooooooo there, readers and fans of Want2Scrap!

It is my supreme honor to share with you, my very first post and tutorial as an official member of the fabulous Want2Scrap Design team! I am THRILLED to be joining the ranks of this fantastic group of lovely, KIND and oh, SOOOOO talented gals...

The joy of representing this FINE line of products, well,
I'm hoping that will speak for itself....

It's a FESTIVAL -o- the green, brought on by some GORGEOUS Want2Scrap bling
that just reeked of Leprechauns and rainbows,
shamrocks and pots and pots... of TREASURE!

Yes, indeedy do... I don't need to kiss the Blarney Stone to express HOW much I feel like clicking my heels, just like this lil' guy... I loves me the bling, so I'm BRINGIN' some fun tutorial,
right here, right NOW...
Just a few snapshots of creative fun and exploration
to get your collective creative gears turning...
{Ways to use bling, ways to use bling, ways to use BLING & lots of stuff,
you may have near your craft table - RIGHT THIS MINUTE! Eeeek!}

Strap yourself in and get your scrolling fingers out
{this will be a way over-excited and photo-filled journey... I apologize in advance...
BUT I have a cornucopia of discovery to share!}....

On today's menu:
with a light alcohol ink reduction glaze....

Natural hemp twine is easily colored! For my "study", I chose to ink the twine with craft/pigment in so that it would dry and not dilute with my "experiments!"

I've been kicking around some ideas to make twine flowers for a while. Although the consistency of twine is unpredictable, by nature, I love the strength,
inherent in the twine consistency over all...
{Call me PROFESSOR Want2Scrap! Please.... ahem!}

Something, VERY curious, began cooking in my little noggin, when I stared at these shapes...

Although I HAVE a hot glue gun, I tend to leave it in the drawer, when I could use it THE MOST! {For HOT GLUE GUN support group info, see me AFTER class... } heh heh
SOOOOO! I keep a needle threaded with monofilament in my tool tote at all times! This works so well, IMHO, for "sculpting" with heavy twine.
{P.S. Please keep your concerns about my lack of manicure to yourselves -
I spend MY extra money on BLING & horse feed... !!!
Seriously..., ACK! Don't look at my "ranch-hands"...}

I love that by stitching this flower together, the result is clean and low-profile. That's why I decided to leave the flower exploration aside at this point, and go for SHAMROCK, instead!

THEN, I had this crazy 1970's flashback...

"Dip It" flowers... Remember THEM?
{Say you REMEMBER! Even if you were just a baby.. or gasp, not born yet!}

They were SO popular when I was a kid! There were several mini paint cans of the most toxic, noxic, foul - smelling, brightly colored, but translucent plastic epoxy material... EVER. In the kit, you'd also get wires and some floral design supplies. You'd create petals with the wire, dip it INTO the plastic....
ANYWAY, whether you were there or not,
here's how I adapted THAT idea into our ordinary paper craft supplies....

Create a single petal, small enough to fit into a bottle
of your favorite dimensional adhesive.
{For the CSI's out there, I used Aleene's.
You need to have access to the neck of the bottle...}

I used long tweezers to dip my petals.

THIS was THE ONLY WAY the glue seemed to stay. I can't tell you why...

I tried using a tub to dip petals, flowers and full shamrock shapes,
but this was the only method that worked... {at all!}...
Think: bubble blowing tool...

Each petal was left to dry, at the same angle, pictured above... {I used a pot of pens to anchor my hemostats. I have many pairs of of these, so it was a little like baking cookies.} Unbelievably, they dry pretty fast. You can tell, because the glue will begin to ripple and become clear. Anywhere that still looks cloudy - IS STILL WET! So, no matter how tempting, DON'T TOUCH!

If there is only some cloudiness at the bottom of the hung petal {what will be the OUTSIDE edge of your flower/shamrock} it's okay to dip the petal again. I dipped all of mine, twice, to get a real glassy effect. Once the second dip is dry, you can even add more of your clear, dimensional glue directly to the shamrock and the let dry flat {wet side up} on a non stick surface...
This is how mine looked, once dry....

I left the stems on a few of my petals, but several of them were cut short.
I anchored and attached the entire shamrock with more clear stitching.
As I added each petal, I made a knot, but then continued using the extra
thread to wrap my shape as well. This gave me control & support for
optimum shamrock construction and design{!}..... Lookeeee!

In spite of efforts to color my glue, the ONLY way I was able to apply
color, directly to my shamrock was with small amounts of alcohol ink, dabbed
LIGHTLY to the petals... {All OTHER attempts to tint my glue, made the consistency
unable to hold a shape. Chemically defying the odds, this outcome was proven again,
and again, by my stellar team of scientists....

WAIT! It was only me.... Ah, well...}

With the tiniest of drops, I accented my color at the base of the shamrock...
{If your petal begins to look thin, you can amend MORE dimensional adhesive
directly to the weak spot.... By THIS point, in my travels, however,
these leaves were pretty strong... }

I blinged up the center of the shamrock with these FABULOUS Want2Scrap self-adhesive gems. Using four at the base, I adhered these with the adhesive that is already attached to each, breath-taking, little gem. For the fifth, CENTERPIECE of bling, I added a small pool of clear adhesive in the center of the bottom layer, and then just "topped off" my bling pyramid. The extra adhesive provided some good stabilization.... I think this thing is READY to bring some SERIOUS luck! And RICHES! AND prosperity ....


Thank you, SO much, for joining me today! I hope you found some "happy" right here!
Don't tell the Leprechaun, {or maybe he KNOWS already!}
but the brightest pot of gold
can be found in my handsome stash of Want2Scrap BLING!
If you haven't treated yourself, I say, "BLING IT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN!"

I sure hope you enjoyed this little creative journey with me...
Have a super sparkly day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pretty Pearly Heartfelt Thanks Tutorail

Good morning! Before I get started I want to say Thank You so much for the comments and warm welcome to the Want2Scrap Design Team! I am so honored and excited to be part of the design team and I am excited to do my first blog post today!!

I have two cards to share with you today using the New and ever popular Nestabling™! Here is the first card I designed and I have a step-by-step tutorial to share with you. To start I created the tag using the Grand Calibur™ and S5-030 Fancy Tags Two from Spellbinders™. I used Ivory cardstock and cut/embossed the tag. I used Rich Cocoa ink to stamp the sentiment, colored with a Copic marker and inked the edges with Antique Linen Distress Ink. The sentiment is from JustRite Stampers JustRite Cling CL-02080 Fancy Tags.Next I added the Nestabling using Nestabling™ Fancy Tags Two White Pearl.To apply the Nestabling™ you simply peel it off the clear sheet and add to the die cut. The Nestabling will hold it's shape! Another way to apply the Nestabling™ is to peel a little up from the clear sheet, line up the bling on the die cut and peel the clear sheet backwards for perfect placement of the Nestabling™. So Gorgeous and Fast!! Can you imagine how long that would take if you had to add each tiny pearl by hand--way too long!Next I created two heart shaped diecuts (only one shown). I used the Grand Calibur™ and S4-136 Classic Heart #4 and S4-137 Scalloped Hearts #6 from Spellbinders™ to cut/emboss the shapes. For the classic heart I used paper from the Lullaby collection from Kaiser Craft (available in April) and Ivory for the scalloped heart and I inked the edges of both with Antique Linen Distress Ink.I used Nestabling™ Scalloped Hearts Pink Rhinestones to edge the scalloped heart.Next I layered the hearts and tag using 3D Foam Squares from SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES By 3L™.
Here is a close up of the hearts and tag on the finished card.The next step is to create the felt roses for the card. I used S4-312 Blossom Three #2, #3 and the Grand Calibur™ from Spellbinders™ to cut the felt flower shapes. Have your A Base Plate on the bottom, add the die template with the ridges (cut size) up, felt, cardstock and then C Cutting Plate.After making the die cuts then I hand cut the felt starting from the outside working inward for a spiral cut. I used a Copic marker to add some color to the felt for a 2-tone look.Next use your favorite liquid adhesive and start to roll the rose.Keep gluing and rolling the rose until you reach the center and glue the center to the bottom of the rose.Using the Grand Calibur and S4-328 Foliage from Spellbinders, I cut and colored some felt leaves to go with the rose.Here is a close up of the felt roses and leaves.
I used a piece of pretty pink paper with a white damask flock from the Lullaby collection from Kaiser Craft (available in April).I also added some Baby Bling LeCreme Baby Pearls-100 Count to the corners and some hand tinted seam binding for the bow.

Supplies~ Card One
Bling: Want2Scrap Nestabling™ Fancy Tags Two White Pearl, Nestabling™ Scalloped Hearts Pink Rhinestones, Baby Bling LeCreme Baby Pearls-100 Count
Stamps: JustRite Stampers JustRite Cling CL-02080 Fancy Tags
Paper: Kaiser Craft Lullaby Collection; WorldWin Ivory
Ink: Tsukineko Memento Rich Cocoa; Ranger Antique Linen Distress Ink; Copic Marker R81
Dies: Spellbinders Grand Calibur™, S4-137 Scalloped Hearts #6, S4-136 Classic Heart #4, S5-030 Fancy Tags Two, S4-312 Blossom Three #2, #3, S4-328 Foliage
Accessories: Joann's White, Green Felt, SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES By 3L™ 3D Foam Squares, MyStik™Permanent Strips Dispenser ; Hand Tinted Seam Binding; Beacon Adhesives ZipDry

Here is another card I designed using the Nestabling™ Labels 14 Lime Green and Baby Bling LeCreme Baby Pearls-100 Count.The Nestabling™ Labels 14 Lime Green matches S4-290 Labels Fourteen from Spellbinders™.

Supplies~ Card Two
Bling: Want2Scrap Nestabling™ Labels 14 Lime Green, Baby Bling LeCreme Baby Pearls-100 Count
Stamps: JustRite Stampers JustRite Cling CL-02070 Fancy Frames
Paper: My Mind's Eye Lost & Found Collection; WorldWin Brown, Ivory, Green
Ink: Tsukineko Memento Rich Cocoa; Ranger Vintage Photo, Peeled Paint, Worn Lipstick Distress Inks
Dies: Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur™, S4-290 Labels Fourteen #3, S4-312 Blossom Three #4, S4-328 Foliage; JustRite Custom Dies JB-08950 Nested Frame Dies
Accessories: Ranger Diamond Stickles; Karen Foster Decorative Corner Brads; SCRAPBOOK ADHESIVES By 3L™ MyStik™Permanent Strips Dispenser , 3D Foam Squares; Beacon Adhesives ZipDry

Thank you so much for stopping by the Want2Scrap Blog today!! I hope you have a Fantastic weekend!!

Hugs & Smiles,


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