Saturday, December 31, 2011

Want2Scrap, how do I love thee? let me count the bling adorned ways!

Having rounded the bend of the start of a brand new year, I am excited to finish packing away our precious Christmas decor and start in on the red, white, and pink of valentine's day!  What's not to love about LOVE?   Today I want to share a card I made that features the beautiful Want2Scrap™ Nestabling™, chipboard embellishment, and bling!

You may recognize this card if you have seen the winter edition of Paper Creations!  I was so honored to have this Want2Scrap™ project featured in such a fine magazine.  It displays several of my favorite products; Nestabling Lattice Rectangle White and Black Pearl, Chipboard Embellishments - Pack of 4 - Style A and the go to 72 Count - White Pearls - Self Adhesive.  At the time that I made this card, Want2Scrap had yet to release the yummy flower ribbons but if you are looking for a comparable product to the red fabric flower I used on this card, be sure to check out our Red Rose Ribbon 1" .  It is an absolute dream to design with and comes in so many gorgeous colors and sizes. *love*

Thanks so much for stopping by today.  I hope you'll use Want2Scrap™ as a source of inspiration to create and express your love to your valentine this year!

 Want2Scrap™ products:

Cross Promotional products used:

Other Products:
Paper: Papertrey Ink, Girls Paperie, October Afternoon
Grosgrain ribbon: Stampin Up!
Glitter: Martha Stewart
fabric flower: Webster's
Craft Supplies: seam binding, button, acrylic heart, hemp twine, seed beads

Thursday, December 29, 2011


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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blinged-out Holiday Card Keeper

Hello, sparkle lovin' friends! I hope you had a MOST delightful Christmas...
What a WONDERFUL time of the year to be advocating the use of gorgeous
Want2Scrap™ bling... {I love it SO!} I cannot shake the Christmas spirit, one
bit, at this point, so in the fine spirit of the season, I'm still getting my
Christmas ON, but in a handy, "wrap it up" kind of way...

An altered box, to store Christmas cards! Blinged OUT fun, to last the whole
year through! {I just can't part with the lovely cards and super photos friends
and family send every year...} I took a card organizer, who's colors I could not
abide - and blinged it out to holiday fabulousness... Here! Let me show you!

I've always cherished this box, given to my by my dear MIL, with wonderful
intentions... {But the color made me turn away - it does NOT match anywhere
in my rustic, lil' ranch life... Alas... what SHOULD a crafty person do?

Oh, wait - I KNOW! Grab a WHOLE bunch of Want2Scrap™ bling, and your
fave-o-fave seasonal papers, and other such holiday details and BLING it ON!

A crafty soul, like mine, NEVER tires of the magic of the bejeweled tiers of
Nestabling™, Nestaboard™, and perfectly cut papers from coordinating
Nestability shapes from Spellbinders™ - *Purrrrrrr*Purrrrrrr*MEOW!

Not to mention, easy, custom bling-ed out accents, with gorgeous materials
like the Beautiful Bling Strips, which are SO easy to place! Here, I took ad-
vantage of the clear backing that Want2Scrap™ bling is packaged on, by
planning my bling application AND checking it twice! {Santa approved bling
application! - Put THAT in the commercial! hee hee}

With similar technique and ease, it's easy to elongate these gorgeous strips of
, by planning where an how to line them up first - when this line was
completed, it looked like this:

Nestaboard™ and other Want2Scrap™ chipboard elements are easy to custom-
ize to your color palette! It's so fast and fun to sponge EcoGreen Acrylic Paint
onto a chipboard accent, to truly punctuate the mood of this lovely card box!

BLING it up, for that perfect PIZAZZ and "Bam!" - you're cookin' with OIL!

That's right, Santa - you're looking mighty fine and festive with multi frames
-o-bling, and lovely, custom blinged embellishments!

I can hardly wait to hoard... ur, uh, I mean ORGANIZE this year's collection
of Holiday cards for safe keeping! YOU never know what I might need THEM
for in the future! {Maybe my NEXT holiday project! Mwahhh, ha ha!}

I sure am DELIGHTED to share my love-o-the craft and yet ANOTHER way
to love, love, love, and HOARD, your favorite Want2Scrap™ products, and
then some! {WHAT fun!} I truly hope Santa took the best of care to you and
your loved ones this year! Thanks for tuning in - and remember: BLING on!

Want2Scrap™ supplies used:

Nestaboard™ Labels One

Nestabling™ Labels One Silver Rhinestone

Beautiful Bling Stripe - White Pearl/Silver

Baby Bling Silver Rhinestone
72 Count Silver Rhinestone
Chipboard Embellishments - Pack of 4, Style C

Chipboard Embellishments - Pack of 4, Style A

Cross Promotional products used:

Eco Green Crafts Acrylic paint

Spellbinders Grand Calibur
Spellbineders Labels One Nestabilities
Beacon Adhesives - Fabri-Tack

Other products used:

Designer Paper - Reminisce; October Afernoon
Die Cut Shapes - Cricut
Card Stock - Stampin' Up!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Want2Scrap: How to make a Snow Flake

I love adding a touch of "homemade" to a store bought gift! A fun altered box for a gift card or a great holiday tag on a bottle of is always nice to let the recipient know you put a little time into their gift. I made a few fun snowflakes for this holiday tag and wanted to share with you how I did them.

First gather your supplies:

Next, paint your chipboard snowflakes and allow them to dry.

Next, add your Want2Scrap™ bling.

Now add a good layer of a strong adhesive. Beacon's 3-in-1 works great!

Finally add some glitter or crushed glass and allow to dry.

What a great way to add a little sparkle to your gift.

And a few details...

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with lots of love and sparkle!

Want2Scrap™ Products:
Nestaboard™ Fancy Tags Three
Dark Green Rhinestones - 72 Count
Red Pearls - 72 Count
SIlver Rhinestones - 72 Count

Cross Promotional Partners Products:
Beacon's 3-in-1 Adhesive
Spellbinders™ Labels Four
Eco Green Crafts

Other Materials:
Crushed Glass- Floracraft
Pattern Paper, Alphabet- Cosmo Cricket
Stash- Ribbon
Ink- Ranger Distress Ink
Chipboard Snowflake- Maya Road

Friday, December 23, 2011

To All of Our Follower and Friends!

Want2Scrap wants to wish you the most happy and joyous holiday season my your wishes come true and the sunsets tomorrow and the magic of Christmas unfolds around us. We hope you are surrounded by those you love and if you are not my the spirit of Christmas fill your heart with the seasons magic!


Just a reminder our .99 cent bling sale does not end until December 31!
So visit our store:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to make a Want2Scrap-fabulous headband!

Have you been over to visit the Ribbon department at Want2Scrap lately?  Oh my stars, but it is bursting at the seams with new gorgeous product including......*drumroll*....rose ribbon!

Will you just LOOK at the amazing array of colors and sizes in my last order?  I adore these romantic and elegant fabric roses and while I am looking forward to adding them to my papercrafting projects I truly couldn't resist trying my hand at a homemade fashion accessory using a simple headband and the Larger Purple Rose 3" from Want2Scrap.

The three inch size makes quite an impact and a single blossom fills the palm of my hand.  Above you can see the "backside" of the rose on the left (which is quite pretty sewn to coordinating mesh fabric) and on the right is the "topside".  I love the variegated shades throughout the two look the same.

I gathered up an inexpensive plastic headband, one full and one half piece of the Larger Purple Rose 3" plus a gorgeous Ribbon Slides - Circle from Want2Scrap (have you seen THESE?!, oh be sure to check check all the different shapes of ribbon slides), a piece of black maribou craft feather boa and a small black and white striped ribbon scrap.

I used my go to multi-media embellishment glue, Fabri-tac from Beacon Adhesives.  Love this stuff!  Once you have your pieces gathered, just layer them onto the flower using Fabri-tac.

I gathered the half rose piece so that the ends touched and made a smaller looped flower to top the maribou feathers and then the final layer of the striped ribbon and ribbon slide topped off the piece.

Once the rose has been layered, I applied a generous line of Fabri-tac to the headband itself.

I was able to negotiate a live model for my project for the price of....what else?....
one Want2Scrap-fabulous headband!

This headband was a cinch to put together and would make a great gift too!

I adore the dimension the fabric rose provides to the project while still being lightweight, elegant and fun to combine with bits and pieces of craft items to make one of a kind accessories! 

From the bottom side, you can see that the rose ensemble doesn't interfere with the teeth on the headband.  I can't wait to make more of these and I also think my girls would love making their own!

She likes it!  She really really likes it!  ...and I'm pretty sure I was making it for her anyway *wink*!

So what do you think?  Are you ready to try making your own accessories with Want2Scrap fabric flowers? I would love to see what you come up with!

Want2Scrap™ Materials Used:

Cross Promotional Product Used:

Additional Product Used:
maribou feather boa
plastic headband

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Banners are NEVER "boaring"...

I just can't get enough - banner craft! No boardem, here:

I just LOVE making b-a-n-n-e-r-s!

And in case you were worried, I am not bored -
especially when I have created a festive Christmas banner from a BOARD
book!- As in GRAND Chipboard Album/Scallop Square kind of BOARD!

Quite simply, there's not much as invigorating as playing with ANYTHING
Want2Scrap™can dish up, so color ME, excited... I made a FUN, festive,
Christmas banner with a Grand Chipboard Album, from Want2Scrap™ :
I can't wait to tell you ALL about it!

Well prepared, with plenty of Want2Scrap™ bling, a Grand Chipboard album
and some LOVELY Christmas themed scrapbook paper, I planned out a project
to show off ALL of these LOVELY materials in a VERY fun & decorative way!

Starting with THIS delicious piece of 12 x 12" designer paper from
October Afternoon, sliced into four equal pieces of 6 x 6", I prepared
pages for a five piece chipboard album, but acclimated the shapes, so
that the holes were at the top. I was so elated to have a way to show
off this entire page, but still be able to personalize the art. If you
suffer from the same {*I LOVE SCRAPBOOK MATERIALS!*} disorder,
you might have fear of using {and losing} a piece of paper like this!
Suitable for framing, by virtue of its delicious design, you want MORE,
but you don't want to lose the magic of the image... {!} In THIS project,
I found a wonderful, blinged-out way to USE it, but definitely NOT lose it!

I prepared the "order" for my lil' scene...

Then sponged EcoGreen acrylic paint onto the edges of the chipboard.

Once the paint was dry, I sponged the edges of the paper, with ink,
then, adhered each 6 x 6 " piece, centered onto each page.

Next, cometh the BLING!

Can you hear the sleigh bells, jing-a-ling?

In the center square, using more October Afternoon paper,
I cut and embellished some "elements" as a center point.
Some Silver Rhinestone Swirls were the perfect punctuation,
doncha' think?

Nothin' pops a beautiful snowflake, better than
a drop of bling, from these 72 count self adhesive

{Helloooooo, lovely!}

And trees!?! Baby BLING baubles upon ANY tree will
make the season bright{er}, than EVER! How 'bout
some spray from an expert skater, punctuated in
silver rhinestone swirl! Great effects, wouldn't ya say!?!

Finally, the banner is woven with some wired tinsel and
accented with some of Granny's vintage Christmas holly,
circa, 1960-somethin' - HOW'S that, for nostalgia!?!

Fun, fun, fun!

Thanks for letting me share this fun and easy way to make a
blinged OUT holiday banner and SAVE some of YOUR favorite
scrapbooking paper from the crime of being covered by photographs {!}
or worse, LEFT in your inventory, ignored, hoarded... *forgotten!*

CELEBRATE your favorite products and let Want2Scrap™
accent them with perfection! Craft ON!!!


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