Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Growing Up 4-H

Hi there!  Dana here with a layout using Want 2 Scrap bling, ribbon and laser die cuts!  I was overjoyed to find that Want 2 Scrap carries 4-H die cuts.  4-H is a youth organization that my girls are currently involved in and one I enjoyed for 10 years as a youngster and am now back in the parent volunteer roll as their Arts and Crafts leader.  They also happen to be involved in the Rabbit project as well as the Cooking project this year.  Check out these darling bunnies with my darling girls!
I wanted to showcase these treasured pictures using Want 2 Scraps laser cuts that closely represent the official 4-H logo.  It is many times difficult to find such a thing for organizations like 4-H, Girls Scouts, etc.  I balanced the official looking logo and the ledger paper elements with lots of girlie touches like ruffled ribbon, pearl bling, scallops, doily, and new papers from the Cosmo Delovely collection.  The backdrop 12x12 DP is from K&Co and is part of their Girl Scouts collection.
The ribbon ruffle can be easily accomplished using a strip of high tack adhesive and then finger folding and tacking the ribbon at various spots along the strip of tape.  For a "flatter" ruffle fold ribbon, add bits of liquid fabric glue (I'm a fan of Fabri-tac) under the folds or perhaps a glue dot.  And check out the green pearl bling!  Isn't it wonderful??

Here's close-up of the large die cut 4-H clover.  The smaller 4-H clovers actually come in a strip but I could easily seperate them into individuals with a snip of my scissor.  For tons of unique laser cut shapes, be sure to visit the Laser Designs area of Want2Scrap.

Thanks so much for coming by today! 


Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Wall Hanging for Me!

Hey all! It's Melissa again to show you another project using an acrylic heart from the heart album to make a pretty wall hanging. :) I also have some tips to offer on how to offset the size of a shape very simply with a ruler and pencil!

First off...I've been wanting to make a little something special for me to hang in my craft room. My room is a complete organized MESS, lol! So I've been wanting to use the phrase, "creative people are seldom tidy".....so true in my case!

I used one of the chipboard hearts in the center of my project and decorated it up with some patterned paper, glitter, and some trendy rolled flowers. :)

So here are some tips on how to create your offset heart shape by using your acrylic heart as a template....
First, you'll start by drawing the outline of your shape on the BACK of the patterned paper you want your offset shape to be from.

Then, you take your ruler and decide how far you want your shape to be offset by...I chose about 3/8 of an inch.

Now, take your ruler and measure 3/8" to the inside of your shape line and make little tick marks. Just keep doing this all throughout the interior of your shape until you've gotten your desired shape completed.

Then cut along your tick marks, and voila! You have completed your offset shape to show off that acrylic base!

Don't forget to peel off the protective backing so your acrylic shows nice and shiny clear! I hope you enjoyed my tips and project! Until next time....

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Key to My Heart

Hello friends! Melissa here again to share with you the ones that hold the key to my heart....my family of course! I knew exactly how I wanted to lay out this little album, building on its pages from smallest to largest. Hold on to your hats...it's about to get picture intensive in here!

Starting from the inside cover...

My little rugrats....the ones that keep me crazy (in love) every day!

The first couple pages were covered with patterned paper and I saved the last two to really showcase the acrylic....something about having a see-through page just really makes a statement to me!

Now this is where I start having a bit of a challenge with the photography.....I need to learn to somehow get rid of the pesky bulbs and glare!

Did you happen to notice a couple pictures back, the page with the scalloped edge? I thought it would be neato to draw some interest to that by stamping within the scallops. Here's how I did it!

First, you'll want to use a nice ink, like Staz On, that dries relatively quickly and won't smear (EVER!) off your acrylic.

With this particular color, you'll need to re-ink the pad for every application. I went nuts and just spread a bunch on!

Then, you can carefully ink up your stamp and stamp to your heart's content!

You can see that I over-inked a bit, but that's ok! I like the look that turned out. If you're unhappy with your stamped results, rubbing alcohol can easily erase the staz-on right off for a do-over!

I also managed to sneak in some more fabby products from Want2Scrap...like the pearl and rhinestone bling!

Those pearls were actually white, but with an alcohol based marker, you can make them any color you want!

Oh! And the heart on the cover...that's from the heart chipboard pack!

Ahhh, I will definitely treasure this little album. My family...they hold it. :)

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me....until next time!


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