Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In the meadow we can build a blingy SNOWMAN!

Or, WO-man!

So THAT's exactly what I did! Nestabling™ Heart Circles are the PERFECT
foundation for ANY respectable snow-person, IMHO! So, what better way
to cool down, than to get blingy - and create some Christmas in July....!
THANK goodness for Want2Scrap™ and their AMAZING assortment of bling
in nearly every shape, size and color imaginable! Like a twinkling Christmas
tree, the isles of bling-land {AKA - the Want2Scrap™ store}, gave me all
the tools I needed to make this fun, festive holiday plaque. All I had to do
was gather up ALL kinds of blingy wonder to festoon my little scene!
If you haven't been staring at Nestabling™ heart circles and seeing snow-people,
let me share a bit about how I got there, in my wee-little head... I hope to have
you pulling on your BEST gloves to dig down in the snow... Oh, wait, just go
to Want2Scrap™ and get all the materials you need, no cold fingers, guaranteed!

Using WONDERFUL circle dies from Spellbinders™, I easily
traced a template to coordinate with my snow-person vision.

Once the lines were drawn, I moved the circle dies, and completed the shape.

I cut-out the snomWOman and smeared her with a little glue
in areas where I imagined a beautiful winter moon shining upon
her sparkly self, and dumped diamond glitter. A hole was punched,
right in the middle of her noggin', to welcome a miniature carrot
nose, made from orange card stock, layers separated and then rolled.
When ready, the nose is added from the back side and then the end
is folded and glued to the back of the head - that baby is ON there!

Fit the Nestabling™ shapes, from smallest to largest, starting with the head.
On the second and third layers, remove bling from the lower contour line,
and save! {Ohhhhh, the things that can be done with leftover BLING!!!!}

With your favorite permanent or alcohol ink based pen, make three or four buttons,
by coloring the pink bling - BLACK! I did the same with the smaller bling, turning
it red, to become lovely snowWOman's mouth - I wanted to help her look purdy!

For the foundation of my scene, I used a scrap of galvanized sheeting. You
can find galvi-sheets at most hardware stores and if you have a good one, they
might even give you scraps for free! I love ART on "galvi"...It's a GOOD thing!

Mask border and stars and then color "sky" with alcohol ink.

Paint white acrylic paint in the foreground to create a snow bank.
By lightly continuing to paint snow-covered meadows into the distance,
make sure to leave exposed galvi, one can make a MOST magical winter scene!

When dry, remove masking and BEHOLD! The PERFECT meadow for snowWOman!

Some left-over shapes from Nestabling™ lattice rectangles
made GREAT corner accents for my blinged-out piece of
holiday magic - THIS has me, even HUMMING, Christmas
tunes in JULY! What next? Christmas CARDS! Ack!

{Just kidding! I know some of you are already waist deep in Christmas
card production - and I love it! I'll be thinking of you when I'm burning
the midnight oil in NOVEMBER, trying desperately to catch up! YOU rock!}

Meanwhile, I'll just sit back and be mesmerized by the miraculous
sparkle of Want2Scrap™ products in the SUN! Look how SHE shines!

I sure hope you're having a wonderful summer and getting some
serious craft time in! And while you're at it, remember, BLING
makes EVERY season sparkle! I sure hope you play with some
soon! I'm SO honored to share the good word about FUN crafts
and good BLING! Enjoy!

Want2Scrap™ Supplies -

Nestabling™ Heart Circles Hot Pink
Nestabling™ Lattice Rectangles Blue and Green Rectangles

72 Count Self Adhesive Rhinestones - Baby Blue

Additional Supplies Used -

Cardstock - Stampin' Up!
Alcohol Ink - Ranger
Acrylic Paint - Liquitex
Masking Tape - 3M
Post Its - 3M
Glitter - Stampin' Up!
Tinsel Twine - Stampin' Up!
Yarn - ?
"Merry Chirstmas" emblem - Walgreen's
Twigs - Mother Nature!


  1. Love that snowman/woman, what a great tutorial. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents with us girly girl.

  2. Oh, your snowman is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your blingy snow-woman!! She's so sparkly!! Great tutorial!! I love how you did the background paper and created your corners! Fantastic Job!!



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