Tuesday, November 28, 2017


Good morning friends!!
I've been laid up this last week.  The doctor said to rest, no household chores, and the only exercise I can do is walk.  So this is my translation, sleep in, rest in my creative studio, and walk could mean walking up and down the isles of my favorite craft store very slowly.  I would say that's a good recipe for creating Christmas gifts!

This project is full of techniques!  

Rather than using the Grand Chipboard Album - Labels Four as an album, I'm creating wall art with each chipboard page.  I covered the chipboard;front and back, with paper from My Mind's Eye, inked  the edges with Chestnut Roan cat eye ink pad.

 The first technique is using alcohol ink to color the acrylic word "Memories."  Remove the film from both sides of "Memories".  Place a cotton pad on the applicator and sprinkle the pad with color.  Repeatedly dab the BACK of Memories.  Alcohol ink dries very quickly.  Continue to dab the color until you get the look you want.  Once the color has been added, draw a line on the collet pad with Gold and dab across the word.  The gold gives the appearance of gold veining.  

 The second technique is curling flower petals.  The key to this is...if you are right handed, place your left either between your legs or sit on your hand.  With your right hand, place the stylus in the top of the petal and press hard in a circular motion toward the point.  By pressing in a circular motion, the paper fibers break apart and allow the paper to curl.  IF you were to hold the flower with your LEFT hand, the paper would remain still and the fibers would not curl.  That's why this is so important.

 Once you have curled each petal, flip the flower over and press the bottom half of the petal.  This makes the petal pop up with the perfect curl.

 Place a dot of glue on the tab and hold until the petals until the glue is dry.
 Place the small stylus under the curled petal and create a deeper curl.
 Layer each flower on top of each other and press a brad thru the center.  Now layer everything together.

Want 2 Scrap Supplies:
Grand Chipboard Album - Labels Four
Frilly Flourish Swirl - White Pearl
Zip Dry Glue

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!


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