Saturday, August 27, 2011

Niceties of Nestaboard!

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Have you played with Want2Scrap's new line of Nestaboard™ products?

If NOT, {*pssst!*} I have something to tell you... THEY'RE AWESOME!

Definitely, definitely, definitely something to say, "YEEE HAWWWW" about!

And, you're not seeing things - THIS was the book from my recent post, here!
I had a rompin' time at the rodeo, THAT day! Embellishing the OUTSIDE of
this wonderful album was SUCH a hoot! I had quite the time creating the
ultimate faux wood-grain, with paint and gel medium from Eco Green Crafts™!

But that was THEN, and now is.... time to HEAD on, inside... THE ALBUM!

PICTURES! Let's start with the RAW materials that make, so much of
our WONDERFUL sport, soooooooo much FUNNNNNN! {I mean, the
name of the company is "Want2Scrap™" ~ yes, please. I REALLY DO!}

I'm writing this post, in particular, for my peeps out there - YOU might be one...
Scrappy phobes: YOU LOVE IT! YOU NEED IT, YOU WANT IT... but then, in
the midst of the collecting and curating... and all of the fun reading, researching
and planning - uh, you HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING STARTED! I'm your
s-i-s-t-e-r! Hang on - I'm going to hold you, and rock you, and ENCOURAGE
you... {Oh, and ME, too!} Let's LET go of our worries - and just MAKE AN
ALBUM! If you HAVEN'T ventured into the land of NESTABOARD™
/GRAND ALBUMS, honey, babies, sweethearts ~ come with me!
There is MUCH, much freedom to be had!

Grab some pictures - THEY don't have to be the best ones
you've ever taken! In fact, if you're suffering from "Scrapper's block"
just grab the closest pile you can find.
{Okay - it really helps if they are at least of similar subject,
but anything to get you going - is a good thing!}
Sometimes just grabbing a few off the fridge
can be an excellent way to get your groove on, just sayin'!}

Organize the photos in a way that pleases you, and merely set
them between the pages of your Want2Scrap™ album -
so BUY THEM ALL,I say! And then just start with one... hee hee
Don't worry if you have TOO many photos, just organize 1 - 5 pictures
per page, if you have that many,
and then start stacking them in....

Next, select a small sampling of papers that coordinate
FOR YOUR NEEDS of color and theme!

Without straining your noggin, start cutting pieces of designer paper
to fit your page. {Don't worry! - YOU'LL be FINE!}
If your album has decorative edges and you are WITHOUT a
coordinating die, carefully burnish the edges of your paper to
the edge of the Nestaboard™, then trim along the crease.

{You're FINE! Just LET GO and play!}

By limiting your paper choices, you can work quickly. Attach paper and
photographs though out the album. Inking or sponge painting the edges
of each page can hide a multitude of sins...
{Love me some brown ink, BABIES!}

Each time a page is covered, re-punch the holes of the album.

Working with the same basic colors and designer
paper will allow you to work quickly through out the book.

As you plan your photo placement, to coordinate with the pages
of the book, you may have "extra" photos in a series. Plan to
feature the main photos to tell your story, but a series of shots
along that road, may be added in unexpected {and FUN!} ways!

My album, about my kids "riding solo" when they were rather small,
is the main premise of my book, but the shots of my wee-gal, properly
"thanking" her horse, could ALMOST be an album of their own....
HOWEVER, board books can support a "heavy load" so watch what
can be added under that flap with the smiling cowgirls!

Starting with the bottom photo, arrange so that each picture will
face the viewer when the flap is lifted, like the pages of a book, if
you opened it, side-down. Photos will be attached back to back,
so learn to plan the order correctly, and this will become a fast and FUN
way to pack your album with ALL kinds of fun memories, pictures,
memorabilia and GREAT supplies!

Working two at a time, starting with the bottom photo, and then
the NEXT photo in order... {you should have 2 photos facing each other}
run photo safe tape along the top length of the second photo and
secure it, smoothly to the back of the bottom photo. See below:

{You should have created an "A" shape, with the photos facing}

Repeat that step with the next two photos, and then secure the
stacks between the two backsides of the photo paper....

Create a tab with a magnetic closure, to keep your stack of photos shut.

Using craft magnets, glue a magnet into the card stock tab.

Then cover with another piece of card stock,
so that the magnet will not be seen.

Plan for placement of the photos on the page and then with the opposite
magnet {positive + negative} , find the coordinating spot to glue the
second magnet. Mark spot with pencil. Glue magnet. When dry, cover
with tape and then designer paper, before adding photo stack, with
corresponding magnet closure. {We'll come back to that, shortly!}

Once you have the basic paper and photos down -

EMBELLISHING! MORE great news about Nestaboard™ books:
the freedom to add LOTS of embellies - with little concern about
thickness! Just WAIT until you see what we can DO with a little
Want2Scrap™ bling! {The Electric Cowbow ain't nothin'!}

Because there's no binding, the pages can float over our heavy
accessories! HERE'S the shot of our first photo enclosure....
Note the AWESOME Nestabling™ rhinestone circle! Meow!

"Howdy Cowgirl" is RIGHT! Just look at the cuteness under here!

That's my girly-girl kissing her lovely horsie friend, Lacy, to
thank her for a good ride! SEE what I mean! We couldn't
omit THOSE photos! THINK of Nestaboard™ books like
"busy books" for US! Peek-a-boo SCRAPBOOKING!

LOTS of room for BLING!

Here's another one - same design, on the opposing page! CUTE, cute!

Love how my blingy swirls "point" to the hidden photos!

So fun and easy to add this WONDERFUL cowgirl, from
some CHAPSTICK packaging, given to me by our OWN
Dana G - aka Paper Daydream!
I turned the package into an embellie/page - SO easy to just punch some
holes and add her to this album! Love the odd size for visual excitement -
and just LOOK who is on the back... {My GIRL!}

Because THAT was so fun and easy, I stitched some photos and
glued them together - punched a few matching holes - LOOK!

I love the mis-matched layers! { Want2Scrap™ HAS a board book
where you can play with odd sized layers, where the work
is all done! All you have do do is add photos, etc. AND with
the ring closure, you can ADD stuff to your heart's delight!}
So MUCH fun!

No paper, at all on this page. Just pictures and a great sticker for FUN!

THEN, I made an envelope pocket out of some designer paper!
Folded it to match the basic size of the pages, dressed it up,
punched some holes and stuffed... wait for it.... MORE PICTURES
inside! YOU could also add journaling, memorabilia, ETC. to this
pocket, SO easily! I'm telling you friends - I'm taking a break from
page PROTECTORS - board book scrappin' is WHERE it's at!

*GASP!* Look at THAT posse -o- cowpokes! Made by Want2Scrap™!
Not even kidding! We have SO many fantastic laser cut pieces in the
! TOTALLY affordable, detailed and READY to use! I love the
intricacy of these guys! CHECK out our huge selection!

And, DON'T MISS our NEW brown finesse swirls! OMG!
I feel like I have died and gone to BLINGED-out HEAVEN!

I love dressing up the rings of the book, when complete.
Super way to get your fix of bows and charms! WATCH
me go! SO fun! But speaking of fun? Are you on BOARD!?!
{Get it?} - I sure HOPE so! I can't WAIT to see, if you do!

THANK YOU, sooooo much for allowing me to share
my love of this fantastic "sport" and the BESTEST
place for WONDERFUL bling, scapbooks AND so
many, many things, in between! {!} WANT2SCRAP™
never, ever disappoints! I hope you'll "board" our
train... {hee hee} NESTABOARD™ leaves me feelin' no pain!

Want2Scrap™ Products -

Grand Chipboard™ Album - Large Labels

Nestabling™ Labels One - Silver Rhinestone
Nestabling™ Heart Circles - Black Rhinestone
Nestaboard™ - Labels One
Swirls, Finesse - Silver Rhinestone
Beautiful Bling Strips - Black Weave
Cowbow Riders - Title Strip
Barbed Wire - Package of two

Cross Promotional Products -

Designer Paper - Graphic 45 Domestic Goddess
Eco Green Crafts - Acrylic Paint, Artist Medium, Green Glue, Walnut Die Ink

Additional Products -

D/P - Cosmo Cricket; October Afternoon; S/U!
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Additional, assorted Western Stamps - Inkadinkadoo, S/U!, Adorn-it
Solvent Based, permanent black ink - StazOn
Chipboard Stamps - Melody Ross
Stickers/Printed Chipboard - Cosmo Cricket
Twine - Beverly's
Charm - Michael's
Fabric - Making Memories


Wrapping Paper Scrap - Stash
Small chipboard scrap - Stash
Seam Bias - Stash


  1. your album is amazing. I LOVE it.

  2. OH gosh.... I am LOVING this book!!!!!!! Details! Gorgeous details! And.. I have got to get that posse of cowpokes... FAB!

  3. Wow!!! What an amazing album!

  4. OMG! Your book is gorgeous!! I HAVE to try this! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  5. Elise,
    This book is awesome. I love it.
    mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

  6. Elise,
    You are one super amazing, talented, not too mention spectacularly creative, woman! This album is going to be a heirloom! Love all the ideas and instructions. Haven't made a Nestaboard book before, but am in the middle of an 8 x 8 book of the little kitten. Going to use some of these ideas. Then maybe try my hand at a Nestaboard!

  7. Fantastic!! I like how you combined the two riding disciplines, Western and English, as usually the twain does not meet. I mean, English riders would normally get angry at being called a cowboy or cowgirl and Western riders wouldn't be caught dead in a riding habit! LOL You did a fabulous job on this awesome little album and I'm sure your daughter will cherish it for many years. Your products look awesome and I hope to try some of them as soon as I find a new job.

  8. Wow! Love the woodgrain technique! And you mini-album is fabulous!
    Kunseat regards,
    Jennifer Ferrell

  9. Your book is amazing! Love the colors, the bling-love it all!

  10. Wonderful album. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed shopping at your booth at CKC in Charlotte. I can't wait to use all the embellishments I bought. I'm probably gonna wish I had grabbed just a few more packs.

  11. Wow! I want 2 scrap! You have inspired me with both wonderful product and an awesome way to do my many photos that I just can't part with. Thanks for sharing!

  12. WOW! What a cute album! Great ideas from products I would never thought to have used! You are inspiring! Thanks for sharing! Denise

  13. Absolutely love every last detail of this fabulous book!!! Incredible!!

  14. Love the mini book it's great. I love all the bling. I just got home from the convention in Charolette and bought a ton of it. Can't wait to use it.

  15. Land sakes a live GIRL! This is the BEST busy book for big kids I have ever seen! I love all the flips, flaps and hidey holes you layered into this magnificent little book. Way to bling it to perfection too...I new those brown swirls had YOU written all over them!



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