Friday, August 12, 2011


are studded with BLING....!

Sprinkle in a valuable bit of insight from an American icon, like John Wayne,
and you have your self a CLASSIC tale... ur, TRAIL... of crafty exploration!

What better way to celebrate treasured icons, widely known... AND personal,
than to make a mini album to collect goodness, thoughts and memories...

Ladies and gentleman, and friends of Want2Scrap™ of all ages..... I am SO
excited to share a little {!} festival of Want2Scrap™ and some of my favorite
companion products! I have some FUN insight into some ways to embellish
and enliven a super BASE album, from our brand new line, Grand Chipboard™
Albums! {I AM addicted to the possibility and feel of Want2Scrap's™ unique
and absolutely WONDERFUL "board" products} I can REALLY sink my
creative teeth into these babies, so STRAP yourself in -
it's going to be a CRAFTY RIDE!

I started with the Grand Chipboard Album - Large!
{WHAT a glorious place to start!}

And added some FANTASTIC crafty product from a MOST
wonderful company, Eco Green Crafts! You might have
seen our recent post, here, where we THANKED them,
SO VERY MUCH, for sharing a huge bounty of their
AWESOME art materials with the, VERY GRATEFUL,
design team, for Want2Scrap™... {VERY grateful!!!}

I didn't waste much time, bonding with Eco Green's amazing
paint. {Meeeee-owwwwww! It's like buddahhh!} What wonderful,
wonderful stuff, THAT is! I painted, what would become the front
and back of my book, with a mixture of paint and artist medium..

"WHY use medium," you might ask... "for a paper craft project?"

SO WEEEEE CAN PLAY! {Think starch in your kid's FINGER PAINT!}
Take a gander at the use of a simple, home dec, woodgrain tool:

And with the help of the Artist Medium - YOU CAN RE-WORK
your wood grain effects, if you're not satisfied! It's like the
artist's version of "glazing medium" from the home dec department.
Mixed with acrylic paint, it will create more transparent effects
and even texture - but if you don't believe me.... CHECK it, folks!

{I KNOW!} Real looking..., right?

I could talk paint all day, but LET'S move on.... {!}

On to {adorable little cherubs!} THINGS that "nest"...
Nestabilities™, Nestabling™, Nestaboard™ and MEMORIES!

Nestaboard™, Labels One - flawless coordination with Spellbinders™,
Labels One dies
! The picture didn't turn out, but you can LITERALLY
nest these shapes into their, like-sized, Nestability™ shape!

I pierced holes, easily, with my heavy punch tool.
Spacing them evenly, for the non-math based type of
brain, was easy - {Note* I sometimes add my own
, when I've used up my coordinating
sized Nestabling™ Rinestones, for example, using
Baby Bling or 72 count, Adhesive Backed Rhinestones,
with this same technique...} Punch all four label "tips",
and then all four corners, then, I center holes between
the first set of eight, adding more at equal intervals,
if space allows.... - SERIOUSLY, it's easy!

This piece was painted, photo added, and then I cut an EXACT
match, to my Labels One shape, with acrylic. I then sponged
Eco Green white acrylic paint onto my sentiment stamp and
stamped this image onto the TOP of this piece.
{In the completed shot of this, you'll see that I also added
some leftover brown + Artist Medium, BEHIND my sentiment
to make it pop a little. Due to the viscosity of the mixture, it
is still transparent enough to not distract from my photo.}


Blinged-UP and ready to ride!
Adorableness {my KIDS!} in the front,

Hey! Are you still here? ~ THIS was a long one!
Could you tell that I am SO excited about the many
collaborative efforts between Want2Scrap™, Graphic 45,
Spellbinders™, Nikki Sivils™, PSA Essentials, Beacon
Adhesives, to name a FEW! When this box of AMAZING
GOODNESS arrived from Eco Green, I KNEW I was going
to want to show it off to you all, in a huge way!

I sure hope you enjoyed the ride!

THANKS for letting me share! Sure hope you
are inspired to get EXTRA crafty with your next
blinged-out project!

Yee HAW!

Want2Scrap™ Products -

Grand Chipboard™ Album - Large Labels

Nestabling™ Labels One - Silver Rhinestone
Nestaboard™ - Labels One
Swirls, Finesse - Silver Rhinestone

Cross Promotional Products -

Designer Paper - Graphic 45 Domestic Goddess
Eco Green Crafts - Acrylic Paint, Artist Medium, Green Glue, Walnut Die Ink

Additional Products -

D/P - {Scalloped sentiment frame} Cosmo Cricket
Sentiment Stamps - Waltzing Mouse Stamps
Solvent Based, permanent black ink - StazOn
Chipboard Stamps - Melody Ross
Twine - Beverly's


Wrapping Paper Scrap - Stash
Small chipboard scrap - Stash


  1. oh, i loooooove this! amazing work!

  2. Great project! Love the woodgrain effect! I didn't know your products before, but I will certainly look into finding them! Love the Netaboards and the Nesabling!

  3. OMG! What a super gorgeous project!!! Love how you did the background!

  4. Haaaaaappy Traaaaaails to youuuuuu, until we meet againnnnnn! Oh dear girl, this is fabulous! The painted woodgrain! (i'm coming to scrapland so you can teach me direct on this one!)the blingy bling, the layers, ALL of it makes my spurs go jingle jangle jingle!

  5. I love the frames you created they are beautiful.



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