Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bling Out Some Summer Memories!

Although spring is still taking it's T-I-M-E to arrive in many parts of the
country, I'm setting my sights on a sparkly summer.... VERY sparkly!

Yes, friends! My new arsenal of NESTABLING and many other fabulous
Want2Scrap products are littered across my desk top, beckoning inspiration
and glittering with just the right amount of light to remind me that summer
will be here soon! In fact, to get me REALLY thinking summer, I decided
to BLING out some old memories, and dress them up, Want2Scrap style!

I "cross pollinated" this dazzling menagerie of summer memories, with hope for
the coming season and with bling from all sections of the Want2Scrap store!
We'll just call it the perfect storm of bling... {How BOUT that!}

Stealing the show, as my centerpiece, check out the brilliance of the
Nestabling, Petite Scallop Circle in Turquoise, paired with
small silver baby bling, along the edge of this terrific accent from Nikki Sivils {!}
from her wonderful line of paper, Summer! {Did I get down and dirty with
THIS fabby collection!?! Meow!} Doesn't the circular line of Nestabling
make your heart skip a beat or TWO!?!
From the petite and regular size circles, there's something to fit your every
blingy need! I hope you've considered ordering in MULTIPLES!
{Seriously, let me HELP you need more BLING! Lol!}
I'm simply dizzy from the brilliance of the bling in this project!

So, of course - said to myself: NEED MORE BLING!

More BLING + more DIZZY... Dizzy = GOOD... Good makes me HAPPY...
Happy makes me more CRAFTY! Crafty makes me ... WANT MORE BLING!

An old photo that was leftover from a page scrapped long ago, has now
found it's brilliant home with A LOT of Want2Scrap bling and a happy
curio created with an old embellishment box and a lot of LOVE and
great materials! What a fun way to be thinking SUMMER!

I hope you're inspired to BLING OUT some summer memories, too! Enjoy!

Want2Scrap Supplies Used:

Nestabling, Petite Scallop Circle - Turquoise

Silver Baby Bling
Turquoise Rhinestones

Silver Rhinestones


  1. oooooh.....you know I'm lovin all that bling girl!!! What cute kids!!!

  2. Girl...you so rocked the Nikki and Nestabling...they are fab together!



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