Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Banners are NEVER "boaring"...

I just can't get enough - banner craft! No boardem, here:

I just LOVE making b-a-n-n-e-r-s!

And in case you were worried, I am not bored -
especially when I have created a festive Christmas banner from a BOARD
book!- As in GRAND Chipboard Album/Scallop Square kind of BOARD!

Quite simply, there's not much as invigorating as playing with ANYTHING
Want2Scrap™can dish up, so color ME, excited... I made a FUN, festive,
Christmas banner with a Grand Chipboard Album, from Want2Scrap™ :
I can't wait to tell you ALL about it!

Well prepared, with plenty of Want2Scrap™ bling, a Grand Chipboard album
and some LOVELY Christmas themed scrapbook paper, I planned out a project
to show off ALL of these LOVELY materials in a VERY fun & decorative way!

Starting with THIS delicious piece of 12 x 12" designer paper from
October Afternoon, sliced into four equal pieces of 6 x 6", I prepared
pages for a five piece chipboard album, but acclimated the shapes, so
that the holes were at the top. I was so elated to have a way to show
off this entire page, but still be able to personalize the art. If you
suffer from the same {*I LOVE SCRAPBOOK MATERIALS!*} disorder,
you might have fear of using {and losing} a piece of paper like this!
Suitable for framing, by virtue of its delicious design, you want MORE,
but you don't want to lose the magic of the image... {!} In THIS project,
I found a wonderful, blinged-out way to USE it, but definitely NOT lose it!

I prepared the "order" for my lil' scene...

Then sponged EcoGreen acrylic paint onto the edges of the chipboard.

Once the paint was dry, I sponged the edges of the paper, with ink,
then, adhered each 6 x 6 " piece, centered onto each page.

Next, cometh the BLING!

Can you hear the sleigh bells, jing-a-ling?

In the center square, using more October Afternoon paper,
I cut and embellished some "elements" as a center point.
Some Silver Rhinestone Swirls were the perfect punctuation,
doncha' think?

Nothin' pops a beautiful snowflake, better than
a drop of bling, from these 72 count self adhesive

{Helloooooo, lovely!}

And trees!?! Baby BLING baubles upon ANY tree will
make the season bright{er}, than EVER! How 'bout
some spray from an expert skater, punctuated in
silver rhinestone swirl! Great effects, wouldn't ya say!?!

Finally, the banner is woven with some wired tinsel and
accented with some of Granny's vintage Christmas holly,
circa, 1960-somethin' - HOW'S that, for nostalgia!?!

Fun, fun, fun!

Thanks for letting me share this fun and easy way to make a
blinged OUT holiday banner and SAVE some of YOUR favorite
scrapbooking paper from the crime of being covered by photographs {!}
or worse, LEFT in your inventory, ignored, hoarded... *forgotten!*

CELEBRATE your favorite products and let Want2Scrap™
accent them with perfection! Craft ON!!!


  1. What a great idea --beautiful banner love the scene you've created with it . Thanks for sharing

  2. oooohhh....excellent banner!!!

  3. What a darling banner! Love the images that you've chosen. Reminds me of my childhood! Beautiful!

  4. Whoosh! I adore this album turned banner ...the swirl with the figure skater is so perfect and I think I need some hot chocolate now! :)

  5. Looks adorable! Perfect for stairs! love those banners.

  6. this is just such great use of the album, elise! love it!

  7. What a great banner, Elise! Love the swirl you added to the skater! So fun!

  8. This is seriously fun and festive! Love it!



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