Monday, November 28, 2011

Urgent Message from BLING central:

The HOLIDAYS are here: apply BLING liberally, and often!

It's official, friends! Those turkey sandwiches are probably losing
a bit of their splendor by now, and your thoughts might be turning
towards more altruistic pursuits: gifting! Whether or not you're looking
for the sparkliest socking stuffers, RAW materials for stunning craft,
or ideas for WHAT to do, with your sparkliest notions - Want2Scrap™
is your place! Hopefully, you got a chance to get down and dirty with
the FANTASTIC "Black Friday" specials, here at Want2Scrap™, but
even if you missed it - we STILL have the greatest selection of unique
and stunning bling, priced well, ANY time of year... * Just wanted to
share that, before I unroll some enabling... uh, er, I mean IDEAS to
share with ALL-o-YOU! INSPIRATION - all sizes and styles - FREE!

Teaming some of the MOST luminous bling, ATC chipboard
cards from EcoGreen Crafts, FABULOUS Chirstmas paper,
and random bits of nostalgic fabulosity, I made a banner!

Banners are FUN, easy and SATISFYING to create...
Plus, you can DUMP a lot of splendid goodies to really
show off your crafty side - it's a WIN*WIN project to
jump start your holiday crafting! All you need is a little
planning, and TERRIFIC bling!

I love a "meaty" craft assignment, where EVERY bit and bauble
can find a home - note my leftover bits from these INTOXICATINGLY
beautiful Nestabling™ circles - I save EVERY last bit for embellishing
"emergencies" - such as STARS that need a hint more sparkle!

Of course, for tiny bits, never, ever, EVER, underestimate the
importance of Want2Scrap's line of baby bling!
Helloooooo - Rudolph's SHINY nose! So SPARKLY!

{Make sure you pick some up - g'head, I'll wait while
you drop some in your cart... Yes, get ALL the colors!}

A few inches of leftover scallop oval bling was SUCH the perfect
addition to my tiny bit of die cut Christmas tree - I'm telling you,
THIS is the season for BLING! Dump every BIT, we'll make MORE!

As the banner is built, plan the use of sentiment or word,
and then use bling to accentuate your message. I used some
great sentiments from a printed piece of Cosmo Cricket
Christmas paper for my message, against a backdrop of mostly
October Afternoon and Reminisce papers - that I LOVE, with
all my heart! As you will see, each panel dictated it's own
bling application - I love to pull out A LOT of Want2Scrap™ bling
patterns that could apply to my project and just let the creation do
it's THANG! This was one that nearly MADE itself!

This fabby strip of blinged out goodness is from a pack of
Nesabling™ diamond shapes - YEOWZA!

I'll NEVER tire of how, stunningly, bling makes stars shine!

AND, nothin', I mean NOTHIN' says "Happy" like this
rectangle of blinged OUT goodness from this green and blue
Lattice collection
! (Ooooooow - I'm happy all over again!}

More LEFTOVER bits, to get it DONE!

Finally, weave some embellishment wire through the
entire sequence of designs, including VINTAGE Christmas
lights - nope, they don't light, but I LOVE 'em! Heavily
enameled, VINTAGE Christmas goodness - but, there is
no chance these will outshine the TRUE superstar here -


This is a project, bound to keep you smiling...



Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share this fun
little project and my deep and profound love for Want2Scrap™
BLING! Enjoy!


  1. Super FUN...I love the blingy banner! You've inspired me!!!

  2. A banner like this looks like some kind of fabulous chunky garland! Love the mix of bling & nostaglic images. Pardon me while I go sing a carol or two! :>

  3. Cute cards, and display. Love the bling.

  4. Elise, this banner is bling-a-licious! I have one question...Are the little rectangles cut from Nesties? Maybe I missed it when reading the narrative...I love the way you thought outside the Nestability die when using the Nestabling. I would never have thought of it. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh I see, they are the ATC chip board cards from Eco Green Crafts. oops.



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