Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guest Designer Susan Pickering Rothamel

Want2Scrap is pleased to welcome a very talented artist.......Susan Pickering Rothamel!

Susan Pickering Rothamel distinguishes herself with an extensive knowledge of color theory, materials handling, archival principles, and a sophisticated style. She has taught art techniques and materials use and safety, since 1979.

In search of the perfect adhesive, Susan developed Perfect Paper Adhesive™ nearly 20 years ago. USArtQuest, Inc. was formed to market ‘PPA’ and her two collage videos.  Susan continues with research and the development of new and unusual art materials from USAQ headquarters in Grass Lake, MI.  USArtQuest, Inc. enjoys their role as a niche, cutting-edge manufacturer and distributor of fine art and craft materials, collaborating with companies, such as Want2Scrap, and Sue proudly celebrates her creativity with friends, like Joe Rotella.

‘Whoo’da  Knew?

By Susan Pickering Rothamel, USArtQuest

The possibilities with Joe Rotella’s die-cut designs from Want 2 Scrap, are…well, A D O R A B L E!
These four little owls only took an hour to make, and like our
Thanksgiving dinner – there were plenty of leftovers!
For each of the four designs:
Punch out the two really thin long ornaments. 
Punch out the centers and put them aside. Cut the actual ornament in half!

These half ornaments become the owl ears and beak – placed either over or under the eyeglasses.
Punched centers of the eyeglasses become little feet. Use a craft knife to trim off the little tabs. For a more finished ornament, trace each piece and back those parts that will show,
 with coordinating papers.

‘Old Blue Eyes’

Cover the center disc with Cut Bond Create™ (a double-sided adhesive), and then apply his ‘striped’ paper suit. Coat his feet, glasses and beak/ears with Perfect Paper Adhesive™-Gloss,
and sprinkle on Copper, Onyx and Blue Topaz - Mica D’Lights™. 
To gild, coat the body with Duo Adhesive™ and wait for it to turn clear. When clear, apply the gilding (Sunset) and burnish to a pretty shine. Cut scrapbook paper circles and use PPA to apply them to the back of the glasses.  Assemble all the pieces using PPA and add blue eye brads.
Whoo the spotted owl is pretty dapper-looking with his Copper-gilded body,
and Mica D’Light-ful chest, sparkling in Blue Topaz mica. 
Use the same techniques and materials as above.
Just assemble them to suit your fancy!

‘Little Owl’

She may be little, but with a touch of Bling on her glasses, and chest Prills™ (Go Mango),
she has plenty of hoot about!
(Gilding – Variegated)
Want2Scrap products used
                                  Retro Christmas Ornaments  by Joe Rotella
                                      Retro Glasses by Joe Rotella
Cross Promotional Partner products
From USArtQuest, Inc. -
 Perfect Paper Adhesive
Cut Bond Create
To see more of Susan's amazing talen visit her at the following sites:



  1. Wonderful ideas. Thanks for joining us this month!

  2. Love how you re-imagined those shapes! So clever and creative!

  3. These are SO fun!! Love how you created something totally different than what the design was intended for!

  4. these are such creative unique interesting and wild designs!!! bravo
    ava g

  5. That is so clever! Wonderful ornaments!
    Hugs and smiles

  6. WAY cool idea!! And WHO doesn't love owls!!!? I mean really!!? She rocked this project right out!! And I had never heard of guilding adhesive! gotta get me some! :)
    Super clever lady!!



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