Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oh, BLINGY tree...

Oh, BLINGY tree... Your sparkle does delight me....!

Yes, friends - it's THAT time already! {Singing!}
But I'll spare you..., for now. {Hee Hee} Feel free,
however, to hum some carols in your head, while I guide
you through blingy WONDERLAND! It's the MOST
wonderful time... of the yearrrrrrr!

We all know that EVERYTHING looks better with bling...
but THIS time of year - SCREAMS of added sparkle! So how better
to show off blinged-out fun, than with a bejeweled Christmas tree
framed with FUN and, you guessed it - MORE bling!

Start with a basic, unfinished frame, or stretcher bars from
an old paint canvas. Canvas removed. Using some
WONDERFUL Artist Spackle from Eco Green Crafts,
fill in gaps {if desired...} It works
BEAUTIFULLY... {But do NOT share it with your husband!
You're gonna WANT to play with this stuff! Just wait!}

Once spackle is dry, paint frame. Once paint is dry, apply a thick
coat of Gloss Artist Medium by Eco Green Crafts, let dry.

Paint a die cut Christmas tree, let dry.

Place a small scoop of Artist Spackle in a mixing dish,
with a teaspoon of water, some glitter and MIX.
Consistency should be that of whipped frosting,
but glittery and not good to eat.. Just sayin'...

Using a palette or small butter knife, spread spackle mixture
across the branches of the tree, to simulate snow. Plan to make
one side slightly "heavier" with spackle, to create a visually exciting
and authentic looking snowy tree. Let dry.

Mix a lighter shade of similar colored paint. Add in
an equal amount of Artist Gloss Medium... Apply to
frame, but not to completely cover first coat. Work
the paint quickly and with a light stroke.
Let dry.

Once Artist Spackle has dried, drill holes for "lights" as desired.

When paint and Gloss Medium have dried, attach a sheet of
heavy transparency to the back side of the frame.

Using leftover spackle mixture, paint a snow covered "ground" to
the bottom of transparency, then glue the tree to the plastic, so
that the trunk of the tree looks natural in the snow.

Add red baby bling into the recessed holes.

Add a small, Nestaboard™ star, painted yellow,
by gluing it to the transparency, at the top of the tree.

Using straight lines of bling, from the Nestabling™
Pennants Silver
collection, cut and stick "rays" of
Star shine, and adhere them, as desired, to radiate
out from the star. Cut the next size, larger star, from yellow
vellum. Carefully glue vellum star to the BACK side of the
transparency, to accentuate the glow of the star.
Cut a piece of heavy vellum to fit on the back side of the
frame, then rip out an oval shaped opening from the vellum,
to create a frosted window look. Adhere the vellum to the
back of the frame/transparency, then embellish front of frame
with Silver Rhinestone Finesse Swirls.

Place on a dish holder or hang from a window to allow light to pass
through the faux Christmas tree scene and REALLY let the bling
to DO its thing! Make THIS project, and be ready to gift this baby
to your favorite hostess, friend or the kid's teacher, then make another,
for YOU. You'll be thanking yourself all season long!

Better stock up on some BLING before the true
crunch of the Holiday season! Hope you injoy
the blinged out wishes and get your blingalicious best
CRAFT on! Enjoy!


  1. Love the texture of the spackling!

  2. Fantastic...this is SO beautiful!!

  3. OMG! I am seriously loving this...gorgeous!

  4. That is one gorgeous, sparkly frame of festive!!! I love it and so do two kidlets who were mesmerized as we checked out your steps together! :>



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