Sunday, October 2, 2011

A web any spider diva would love!

Hi Want2Scrap fans! So I was playing around with my supplies from Want2Scrap™ and EcoGreen Crafts and came up with something fun I hope you'll like. Sometimes you have to think outside the label and that is what I did with the "Peony" shape from Spellbinders™. Black paint plus Nestaboard™ and Nestabling™ = some blingy spiderweb for the pending Halloween festivities!

After painting my Nestaboard™ black with acrylic paint from EcoGreen (which by the way has a fabulous flat black finish like chalkboard, just sayin!) and applying all four Nestabling™ Peony bling rings and started filling in the web.

I like using this fabric glitter glue from Duncan carried in my local Michaels and JoAnns stores for fine line details like this project.

Once the glitter is mostly dry add small single bling gems in open areas on the web to up the GLAM!

Silver jewelry thread is perfect for this three-tiered ornament. I was able to use purple gems to accent the thread too. Super simple spooky fun!

Supplies Used:

72 Count - Silver Rhinestones - Self Adhesive

Cross Promotional Products Used:
Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur, Nestibilities classic ovals set
Beacon Adesives: 3 in 1 Adveanced Craft Glue
EcoGreen Crafts: acrylic paint
Paper: Teresa Collins
Sticker: Memory makers
Craft Supply: silver jewelry thread, purple craft pom, google eyes, Scribbles fabric glue writer


  1. How CUTE is this?!!! LOVE it!!!

  2. I love it ! the spider is wonderful!!

  3. This is SOME project! I think Charlotte would be proud to call that blingy web - HOME! It's positively RADIANT! I can't even begin to describe how this project makes my ALL things HALLOWEENY lovin' heart swoon! THIS is FABULOUS! A Halloween treasure to enjoy year after year! Bravooooo!



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