Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Wall Hanging for Me!

Hey all! It's Melissa again to show you another project using an acrylic heart from the heart album to make a pretty wall hanging. :) I also have some tips to offer on how to offset the size of a shape very simply with a ruler and pencil!

First off...I've been wanting to make a little something special for me to hang in my craft room. My room is a complete organized MESS, lol! So I've been wanting to use the phrase, "creative people are seldom tidy" true in my case!

I used one of the chipboard hearts in the center of my project and decorated it up with some patterned paper, glitter, and some trendy rolled flowers. :)

So here are some tips on how to create your offset heart shape by using your acrylic heart as a template....
First, you'll start by drawing the outline of your shape on the BACK of the patterned paper you want your offset shape to be from.

Then, you take your ruler and decide how far you want your shape to be offset by...I chose about 3/8 of an inch.

Now, take your ruler and measure 3/8" to the inside of your shape line and make little tick marks. Just keep doing this all throughout the interior of your shape until you've gotten your desired shape completed.

Then cut along your tick marks, and voila! You have completed your offset shape to show off that acrylic base!

Don't forget to peel off the protective backing so your acrylic shows nice and shiny clear! I hope you enjoyed my tips and project! Until next time....


  1. Great idea to put some pretties up to remind us why we create.
    This is so pretty.

  2. OMG! THis is stunning! I have a creative mess myself and your wall hanging makes the mess so much more ATTRACTIVE! :)



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