Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It was a dark, and blingy evening...

...THE perfect time to get CRAFTY!

I wanted to MAKE something cool...
...it had to be snappy!

A little EcoGreen™ paint, and Want2Scrap™ bling -
mixed up all together: the PERFECT thing!

A ghoulish delight - creative loot, in my sight...
For it would soon be... a FUN crafty night!

Patterned paper, festooned
with print-styles, a-plenty...

A wash of white paint 'n gloss medium,
painted gently...

A wash, most transparent...
the perfect recipe...

Some MASKING, and basking...
in glorious paint, yes, siree!

Mixed well, with gel medium,
for subtle effects...

...a frightening, MYSTERIOUS amount of text
peeking through, MOST eeeeeer-ily,
it makes me, so HA-PPY!
{I'm CHEERING, cheerilyyyy!}

The shine of the moon...

a most haunting sky...

A whole bunch of glue,
to rapidly dry...

Firmly rubbed from the front, till smooth it would be,
a slice from the backside - marks an "x" perfectly!

Some folding and gluing to hold ends down tight...
for the front of this frame will soon give you a fright!

Want2Scrap™ puts out laser-cuts, for ev-ery season!
So detailed and beautiful - they give so much reason...
for scrapbooks and crafts and cards filled with glee...
when THIS one didn't fit right, I merely cut off the tree...

No worry, I saved it! That small, detailed nub.
By coating with gloss medium, to the roof, up above!

You can't even tell. I feel clever, now. These images,
such a value, will make you go, "WOW!"... SO, click
in YOUR cart, when that big order you start...

Want2Scrap™ has much MORE than bling,
there's all KINDS of stuff -
I hope you'll check EVERYTHING out...
SOME is NEVER enough.

For one final effort, one more little thing
I painted a ghost -
be-speckled with bling...

A fine, haunting sight, to recall spooky nights
I know right where to find it,
GOOD STUFF and no duff!

That's why, this I'm sharing, the fun never ends
Want2Scrap™ sells the goods - LOVE THEM ALL,

Supplies -


Haunted House Spooky
Witch on broom, over tree line
Tree - small brown twin pack
Swirls, Finesse - Black Rhinestone
Baby Bling 100 ct. Silver Rhinestone

Cross Promotional Products -

Eco Green Crafts - Acrylic Paint, Gloss Medium, Recycled Paper Frame

Beacon Adhesive - Zip Dry Paper Adhesive


  1. Love the project! And how fun are your instructions, very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. ooooooOOOOOOOooh! Love it! You are one creative ghoul...I mean GIRL!

  3. I love it!!! Everything is perfect.

  4. WOWWWWWWWWWWWW, denne var skikkelig stilig :))))

  5. What a frightfully delightful picture frame...LOVE IT!



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