Sunday, June 12, 2011

I love BLING!

{How 'bout YOU?}

I really, really, REALLY do!

That's probably not a big surprise, since we're here in the glorious
land of bling.... {!} But what would be a surprise, would be if I could
type in F-R-E-N-C-H... {Hee Hee} Wouldn't THAT be something?

So, instead, I blinged out a French, flavored card!
Inspired by some truly beautiful paper from Graphic 45™...
and the fact that my dear, sweet mother is currently
traveling, in PARIS! {Lucky HER!} I was feeling the "amour!"

{Good thing that BLING is a universal language! }

So, at least I can say I'm CRAFTING with a bit of an accent...!

... And I'm armed with a fist full of fantastic Want2Scrap™ bling!
There's nary a project that doesn't need to get properly blinged up
for the occasion, now that I know the MOST exquisite source for BLING!
You can NEVER have too many of these beauties! The Finesse Swirls™,
are one of THE most versatile and useful designs to accompany our
huge assortment of Nestabling™ shapes. I adore having many on
hand to embellish my blinged-out creations to their most heavenly
festooned potential! {*Although many of the Finesse Swirls™ are,
currently, sold out, continue to check back! As you might imagine,
these are so useful for SO many crafting needs - so they GO, fast!
Take my advice, when they return... GRAB 'EM, they're HOT!}

But back to the topic of Nestabling™ - {*Swoon!*} I will NEVER get tired
of how BEAUTIFULLY these gorgeous shapes adhere to corresponding
Spellbinders™ dies! It makes be-jeweling paper designs FUN & EASY!

To add a bit of custom color to my Parisian scene, I used the next smaller
Spellbinders™ shape from Labels Nine, to mask off a frame. Additionally,
I created mini clouds by cutting shapes from Post Its™ on the sticky part.
Then, using some craft sponge, I dabbed on my blue sky color...


My Eiffel tower was stamped directly over the sky background.

Using the teeny, tiniest edge of my craft sponge, I added some low light to the clouds.

And then with the same cloud mask, I used it to re-work
areas of the clouds to give them a realistic, fleecy texture...

Owwweeeee! Anyone know how to say "fun" in French?

No matter! TRUST me, in any language - building a card with plenty of
Want2Scrap™ bling is the only language we really need to understand!

To compliment my the sky and greenery from the central image,
I stamped and colored directly onto my beautiful d/p from Graphic45™...
Just enough to make a comfortable home for my Parisian scene....

So, in case there was any doubt - NOW you know why I love BLING!

And I hope you're inspired to use it... with just about ANYTHING!

Thanks for visiting!

Want2Scrap Product:

Nestabling™ Labels Nine Black Rhinestones - Model #9042

Swirls, Finesse - Black Rhinestone - Model #6073
72 Count Silver - Rhinestones - Self Adhesive - Model #2056

Cross Promotional Products:

Spellbinders™ - Labels Nine - #S4-233

Graphic 45™ Designer Paper - Curtain Call™
Beacon Adhesive™ - 3 in 1 Advanced Craft Glue


  1. gorgeous card, elise! love all the bling you brought to your yummy card!

  2. Girl I am right there with you, love me some B.L.I.N.G! Your card is sooooooo stunning, love all the techniques and attention to detail.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Oooooh lala!

  4. This is so stunning! I wantr to jump right into your card and live there!



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