Thursday, March 17, 2011


That's what I did!

If spring is not reporting for duty where you live, here's my advice:
just BLING on some SPRING!

Where I hang my hat, we've got nothin' but gray skies and rain, rain, rain! So, what ELSE does a girl do when she's stuck INSIDE ... {Or, maybe she's just inside, anyway - to get some CRAFT - ON! Shhhhh!}... SHE.., busts out some sparkle from Want2Scrap! In my case - GREEN BLING!

Yeowza! I hope you don't have your rose colored glasses on,
because THESE are gorgeous!

{Okay, SERIOUSLY! THAT bling is the reason OZ went to the Emerald City! Pa-leeeze!}

So, here's me ~ the calendar says MARCH! So, I'll just MAKE some SPRING!

In celebration of my UNBELIEVABLY wonderful Spellbinder's Dies that were generously shared with the crafty and DELIGHTED{!} Want2Scrap crew, recently... And because I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement for the forthcoming release of NESTABLING!!!!!

{'Cmon, APRIL! Yee Haw!}

I decided to get some BLING into the game and bring some deafening sparkle to
a seasonal token I created to remind my friends, the Leprechauns, about something
I could ALWAYS use a little more of.....

Yes, folks : LUCK! {THE whole world could use a bit more of this right now!}

So, I blinged up the brightest, most merrily sparkling, lit from within, downright magical medallion to festoon a festive Tussy Mussy, with a little offering....

I started with these handsome and wonderfully coordinating Spellbinder's dies...

Colorful layers of circular beauty...

But they neeeeeeeed something.... Just a little something.... Hmmmmmmm.....

Oooooow, wait! I know! BLING!

Yipeeee! BLING - IT!

These lil' guys are SO easy and fun to work with! The adhesive is downright MAGICAL:
It's forgiving, if you need to make adjustments, but had real staying power, when you
are ready! It's truly wonderful stuff - and it's complimentary! {hee hee}
Adhesive backed bling makes me


Purrrrrrrrrr* Purrrrrrrrrrrrr* & MEOWWWWW!

Trust me, you will NOT get pinched if you sashay around with THIS on your arm!
The leprechauns will LOVE you, and your friends will be green with envy!

{Or reflection, from THAT dazzling bling!}

Whether or NOT the weather has you a little down, or even if you're having a
MOST fabulous day, I have a guaranteed way to make it even better.......

{Wait for it....}


Hope you've been inspired by SOME of the vast possibility of creating with Want2Scrap!

Have a blingy day!


  1. This is stunning Elise. I love the pretty SB die and fabulous green bling. :)

  2. This is so fun! Perfect for the holiday!

  3. I'm going back to the Emerald city with Dorothy...that bling is outrageously and deliciously GORGEOUS on your project full of green goodness. Way to go Queen of GREEN! Love it!



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