Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From $1 aisle to Want2Scrap fabulous in 3 easy steps!

Hi everyone!  I have a quick project to share with you today made from a $1 wood frame from my local Michaels craft store and Want2Scrap silver bling!
First I prepped my wood frame by removing the cardstock picture backing and getting started on painting.

I used a black acrylic paint.  Be sure to also paint the wood pegs that will make the frame stand up.
Once dry, I chose to line my frame opening with silver bling.  I used the largest size bling from my 72 count package.  This would also look amazing with colored bling too!  This special photo is from New Year's eve last year and I wanted it to have that "little black dress" look so I kept it very simple and elegant with silver.  A handmade satin flower I made a while back and had waiting for a special project and a silver glitter holiday pick from Michaels adorn the bottom corner.
Oh!  What's that?!  Why, it's a tiny black rhinestone from Want2Scrap accenting the center of my silver button.  I was tickled that it was a perfect fit!

Thanks so much for stopping by today and checking out my project.  Three steps...paint, bling, embellish.... was all it took!  In fact, this went so fast that I did a version of this for my 10 year old's birthday party.  THe girls had a great time blinging out their frames! 


  1. Chic & elegant! Dana, you make bling sing and have put it all together with pizazz. What an easy peasy project to use those three steps & repeat! :> (And of course, it helps to have such a cute picture too! :>)

  2. What a wonderful idea Dana. This is just darling. :)

  3. What IS that!!!! Absolutely! I want to know... Oh, wait, I'll tell ya! It's the TEXT BOOK DEFINITION of perfection! The most STUNNING use of bling! And, may I just say, breathtaking application of something as accessible and economic as the "dollar isle" combined with GORGEOUS {and perfectly SCALED and beautiful!} blingy extras! This makes me WANT2SCRAP in every sense! Love your work, Dana! Thanks for the awesome inspiration!

  4. Wow. Gorgeous. I must try something like that.



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